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Unsolicited: Fatties Talk Back

Jun 25, 2023

Happy Pride Fupas!! This episode, your fav fat queers start off by discussing our favorite noodles, with the amount of confusion, disagreement and hilarity you all have come to know and love. We move on to discuss the reason for the season: is there room for fat liberation at gay pride? We talk about the complexities and, more often than not, failures of pride celebrations to welcome ALL of all of us.  Take a seat, a beat, a cookie, and listen on all your favorite podcast streaming platforms. And above all: don’t forget deodorant for your inner thighs this summer!! 

(P.S. There are some audio hiccups that we hope you can excuse. Like queerness, we too are messy.) 


Media and topics mentioned:

Revolting Bodies? The Struggle to Redefine Fat Identity by Kathleen Lebesco  

Regret rates for gender affirming procedures 

The Ugly Laws w/ Susan Schweik (from the podcast Sad Francisco) 

A Primer on "Libidinal Economy" in Relation to Black Folks from Cosmic Hoboes 

Desirability: Do you really love fat people when you can’t even see us beyond the political? by Da’Shaun Harrison 

An discussion of “summer bodies” and Pride 

Imani Barbarin on TikTok discussing COVID and the thin ideal 

Jockstraps and Crop Tops: Fat Queer Femmes Dressing for the Night by Caleb Luna 

Fire Island (2022) 

Conversations on Equity: Eating Disorders, Race, and Queerness (a long-form audio project by Marquisele Mercedes) 


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Transcript available soon!