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Unsolicited: Fatties Talk Back

Mar 27, 2022

It's our Season Finale! 

For our final episode of the season, we've got the best appetizer segment yet: the foods we love but everybody else hates. There's a lot of well-deserved dragging, but especially for Bryan. Then, we once again dive into a reader question (Hi Marissa!). This time, it's about fat parents whose own internalized anti-fatness had a huge impact on us as kids, but who may not have grown as we have. As you can imagine, this one gets deep, y'all.

Finally, we wrap up with our thoughts about season one and where we're going from here. Spoiler alert: Yes, we're taking a well-deserved vacation, but we will be back in your ears in three short months! Meanwhile, we've got a couple aperitifs coming soon, so don't go anywhere!

But honestly, it's been such an honor to go on this journey with all of you, and we can't wait for Season Two! 

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